Bergin Screen Printing and Etching is excited about the future of screen printing. With our dedicated family of amazing screen printers and the innovative approach they bring to our company, you can rest assured they will go above and beyond all of you expectations to bring you the best packagin for any occasion you may have. New advances in technology are helping Bergin keep ahead with the growth of ceramic decoration. 

Screen printing retains a decisive edge when it comes to high volume production.


You get the best of both worlds here at Bergin Screen Printing & Etching, we are dedicated to being the best in the business. With our impeccable team and extensive knowledge in the glass decoration industry, your company’s packaging will garner deserved attention. What started as a small family owned etch business, quickly grew to an industry leader for screen print and etch decoration. At Bergin, our sole focus is increasing our clients’ brand value by providing unique and cost-effective alternatives to paper wine labels.


With thousands of wine brands in the U.S. today, competition to get noticed is fiercer than ever. Wine brands need to stand out any way that they can, whether it is by product quality, branding, or packaging. On a store shelf, it is important to have a packaging that will stand out from the others. Screen-printed bottle labels offer brands a greater variety of design possibilities, whether they are looking something that is more classic and traditional or whether they opt for a more forward-thinking, innovative design.

At Bergin Glass, we’re all about making wine bottles look their best; a beautifully etched or screen printed bottle reflects the care and creativity that winemakers put into their products. While most oenophiles are focused on what’s inside, a wine bottle can be a fascinating object in itself. Here are five things you might not know about these familiar additions to your table or cellar.

When it comes to making a strong branded statement for your beverages, there’s nothing more impressive than a spectacularly designed large format bottle. The unique etching techniques available at Bergin Screen Printing & Etching make it easy to create a beautiful, colorful, and distinctive bottle that showcases the contents inside. Here are five things you might not know about the making of etched glass.

At Bergin Glass, we’re passionate about screen printing. The unique process of screen printing on glass, also called applied color labeling, allows us to create durable, one-of-a-kind designs that are as spectacular as the contents of each bottle. Over many years and countless wine bottles, we’ve learned a lot about the history and technology of screen printing - here are five facts that might surprise you!