With thousands of wine brands in the U.S. today, competition to get noticed is fiercer than ever. Wine brands need to stand out any way that they can, whether it is by product quality, branding, or packaging. On a store shelf, it is important to have a packaging that will stand out from the others. Screen-printed bottle labels offer brands a greater variety of design possibilities, whether they are looking something that is more classic and traditional or whether they opt for a more forward-thinking, innovative design. An entire bottle can serve as a designer's canvas, as it allows for 360 full wrap as well as designs that reach the neck and shoulder of the bottle. This can cause customers to hold onto your product for a few moments longer as they turn the bottle to view the entire design.

Screen printing's alluring, glossy presentation is not only visually pleasing, but it is also often associated with more prestigious, high-quality products. They can give a customer the feeling of making a luxurious purchase whether the product is high-end or not.

When entertaining guests, having wine bottles that look cheap and worn can be an embarrassment. Hosts want to display wine bottles with designs that will endure for long periods of time. At Bergin, ceramic paint is applied directly the bottle and fired at temperatures up to 1180° F, permanently fusing the label to the glass. This results in labels that are extremely durable and that are unlikely to be damaged by shipping and handling, whereas paper labels can easily be torn, warped, or damaged from heat. When dealing with cellars and wine storage, humidity can pose as a big risk for bottles with paper labels. For this reason, screen-printed labels can reduce waste as well as promote the quality image of a brand.

As more and more companies switch away from paper labels, adopting screen-printed labels will make your company appear more modern and competitive. Companies that adapt to more modern, forward-thinking designs will have broader appeal to both customers and retailers alike.