You get the best of both worlds here at Bergin Screen Printing & Etching, we are dedicated to being the best in the business. With our impeccable team and extensive knowledge in the glass decoration industry, your company’s packaging will garner deserved attention. What started as a small family owned etch business, quickly grew to an industry leader for screen print and etch decoration. At Bergin, our sole focus is increasing our clients’ brand value by providing unique and cost-effective alternatives to paper wine labels.


1. Etching removes material from the substrate, where printing adds inks/paints to the substrate. Etching is a permanent impression and is a more-costly process than screen printing on glass. Etching is artisanal and hand-made, while screen printing is a much more automated process. Screen printing is commonly applied to bottles below 3L in size, and etching is reserved for packages 3L and up, where the cost of decoration is more easily justified.

2. While traditional etching is produced with the use of engraving plates, our etching process utilizes energy absorbent masks and media blasting to create the impression. The etching and the painting of the impression are completely created by hand, creating unique decorated bottles.

3. Our screen printing process utilizes thermoplastic paints that are heated and screened through stainless steel mesh. The decoration is then cured via a Lehr oven to chemically and permanently adhere the paint to the glass surface. We are also able to screen precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper directly to the glass surface.

4. At Bergin, we have a team of artists dedicated to creating digital art tailored to each process. Digital manipulation of art files, allow us to very precisely control the final product and consistently reproduce your decorations year to year. While both processes are very manual processes and are susceptible to many variables that affect the final design, the accuracy of the digital artwork allows us to maintain consistency and quality.