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Screen Printing

Cutting edge
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Screen printing on bottles, also known as applied color labeling or ACL, is a delicate process that we’ve been perfecting for over twenty years. Utilizing the bottle as a canvas, we can work with standard colors and precious metals to create a label that is permanently fused to the glass. We also have the ability to print a 360° label, pushing the boundaries of traditional wine and spirits packaging. With print capabilities from 250 cases to 100,000 cases and bottle sizes from 50ml to 3L, screen printing is cost competitive with all other labeling applications, yet sets your brand apart.

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screen printing
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Our screen printing process

Once you begin a project with us, you’re assigned a dedicated Account Manager and a Production Artist who will oversee your project from start to finish, typically three to four months depending on complexity. We take on order logistics, including interfacing with your glass supplier to make sure all pieces come together on time.


Custom artwork development

Whether we’re working alongside your designer, creating new artwork or reimagining art from an existing label, we’ll go through one to several art reviews before creating specific screen print files. The majority of your project’s duration is spent in this stage, ensuring we take the time so that all is perfected before your print date.


Perfected production & unparalleled quality

Once artwork is approved and glass arrives, our Italian machines apply each individual color or precious metal layer of ceramic paint directly onto the bottle’s surface. They’re then fired in a Lehr at temperatures up to 1180°F, permanently fusing the design onto the glass. The entire process, from set up to registration, is supervised by experienced team members for start-to-finish quality control.


Hidden benefits of screen printing

Once your project is complete, we ship your printed bottles to you, already decorated. That means your wine team only needs to focus on filling, corking and foiling on the bottling day. Not only are your labels now waterproof, scuff-proof, cellar-proof, and tear-proof, they are fully recyclable pieces of glass with no use of paper or glue.

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Bergin's screen printing capabilities

Utilizing the entire bottle as a canvas is not only a distinct branding opportunity, but our precise processes ensure we can bury the seam within the design for a completely seamless look.

Blending color is both a science and an art. We have the ability to print up to seven colors, including precious metals such as gold, platinum, and copper, for a result that’s unique to your brand.

Our production line is capable of printing on both the neck and shoulder of your bottles, furthering our view that the entire bottle could be utilized as a canvas.


from start
to finish.

In 1989, we began as an artisanal etching and painting studio and many of our etch artists have been there since those early days. Each bottle is hand etched and hand painted in quantities as low as a single bottle or up to 10,000 bottles across every format size from 375ml to 27L. As a cold process, we’re able to work on filled bottles, making etching a wonderful option for tasting room or special wine club offerings, restaurant and distributor promotions, auctions, or private collectors.

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A Work of Art

Every bottle we’ve ever etched is done by hand and is a unique, one-of-a-kind collectors' piece.

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Our etching process

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager and a Production Artist who will oversee your etching project from start to finish, typically about four months depending on quantity. Your Bergin team will take on logistics to ensure we have the bottles – filled or unfilled – in time for our production timeline.


Custom artwork recreation

We’ll take your label inspiration, be it your paper label designs, a cherished photo, or a piece of original art, and completely translate it to an etched format from scratch. We fondly refer to our etching artists as “the best art forgers in the business,” as each bottle is a one-of-a-kind work of art with slight variations across each bottle.


Handmade & human-driven

As one of the oldest and largest etching companies on the West Coast, our industry knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Each etch artist comes to us with a passion for painting, and many have been with us for more than 20 years. After translating your vision into etchable artwork and sampling as needed, we make an etching mask in order to etch millimeters into the glass, then finish by hand painting each bottle.


Standing the test of time

From standout gifts, awards and celebrations to specialty wine club or tasting room offerings, etching transforms a bottle of wine into a keepsake item, meant to be displayed proudly. When working on full bottles, we never expose them to temperatures higher than 66°F, making the process ideal for finishing large format shiners in a way that feels incredibly intentional and special.

Etching spotlight

Annual artist

“Winemakers and artists have drawn inspiration from one another for centuries.” World-class artisans are honored each year in Chateau Ste. Michelle's annual artist series of one-of-a-kind bottle etchings.


Applying the
finishing touches.
Dressing 2
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Dressing 1

Final dressing details provide unique enhancements to further elevate the look of your package. From full dips, to dollops, to drip effects, wax provides an elegant extra detail to your closures and can help your wine stand out in a sea of capsules. Blackening ensures an empty bottle appears filled, ideal for tasting room or wine bar/restaurant displays, or for an etched bottle meant to be displayed as art long after the wine has been enjoyed. With no quantity minimums, our dressing work is completely customized to suit your needs.


Getting your
product there.

We understand the importance of the finishing details to the final look of your package. We're happy to work with you on paper label and capsule applications, supplying large format glass, and anything else you need to successfully complete your packaging vision.

Fulfillment 2

We offer custom packouts for each project depending on your requirements. This may include assembling individual shippers, creating and applying warehouse or box code identification stickers, or shrink wrapping and palletizing cases for shipment to a central warehouse.

Project Timeline

What to expect when you work with us.
  • Project Timeline 1

    01. Submit Design

    Upload your design via our Design Center form.

  • Project Timeline 2

    02. Sample Development

    Review & approve artwork prior to printing.

  • Project Timeline 3

    03. Production

    In-house at our state-of-the-art facility in south Napa.

  • Project Timeline 4

    04. Quality Check

    Unparalleled quality control, from color theory to registration.

  • Project Timeline 5

    05. Delivery

    Shipped to you and ready for bottling.

Kind Words

Wine Bottle Screen Printing and Etching

"Their flexibility, ongoing commitment to excellence and personal attention to our brand makes the Bergin team the best partner a winery could ask for."

Wine Bottle Screen Printing and Etching

"Everyone from the owner down to the shipping folks are top notch. Their customer service is fantastic. If you are looking for a decorator to partner with, Bergin is the company to work with. "

Wine Bottle Screen Printing and Etching

"Bergin’s design team and professional production staff achieve beautiful wine packages that enhance our visibility and improve sales."

Wine Bottle Screen Printing and Etching

"We love to come up with labels commemorating special events and our customers are always wowed with the results."

Wine Bottle Screen Printing and Etching

"Bergin’s commitment to excellence flows through outstanding customer service, impeccable attention to detail and a stunning finished product."


Project Showcase

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