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Realm Cellars

Behind The Bottle

Realm Cellars has been etching large format bottles with Bergin since 2014. Every single label we have produced for them over the years comes with unique and bespoke detail. We consider the Realm series to be a collection of some of the most complex etched and painted bottles we produce. Their labels continue to push the capabilities of artisanal painting on glass, creating one of a kind works of art inside and outside the bottle.

“Where the practical meets the dreamer, and perseverance converges with sheer luck, where intellect meets instinct, and science dances with art, where the paradox is embraced...that’s where Realm lives.” – Realm Cellars


  • Etching
  • Dressing


Design Details

Since Realm labels have color in every single layer, it is important to figure out what phase of sandblasting we need to use in order to ensure our etched layers and depth allow the correct color layers to be applied in painting. The juxtaposition of glass and painted surfaces is what brings richness and character to these hand-etched bottles. Thanks to etching, we can balance immaculate simplicity with the most intricate detail.

Realm Cellars - Wine Bottle Screen Dressing
Realm Cellars - Wine Bottle Etching

The Tempest

This label went through many iterations on Realm’s end, before settling on an original watercolor painting of a storm rendered to tell the story of The Tempest. To recreate an original watercolor label via etching and hand painting is the definition of true artistry. We are grateful to have our talented team of etchers and artists capable of transcending Realm’s artwork to a glass canvas.

Screen Etching and Dressing for Realm Cellars
Screen Dressing for Realm Cellars

The Absurd

Realm Cellars continues to bring us creative challenges with every new label introduced encouraging us to push the envelope in the world of etching and painting. To date, The Absurd utilizes the most colors painted on a single bottle, 62 to be exact.

To understand the absurdity of this label, you need to know the full story behind its creation. While we could spend as many hours talking about this label as it takes us to paint it, we’d rather you hear it from Realm.

What is the meaning of The Absurd? They leave it up to you to discover.

Etching for Realm Cellars
Realm Cellars The Absurd - Wine Bottle Etching and Dressing

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