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Michael David Winery: Earthquake Wine

Behind The Bottle

Earthquake wine got its name from Mike Phillips who was walking the Lodi vineyard where the first vintage of these wines was grown. Realizing it had originally been planted in 1906, he felt it was only fitting to name these intense wines after the historical earthquake that hit San Francisco that same year.


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Design Details

Looking for a brand refresh of their iconic paper labels, design team Makers & Allies designed Earthquake’s new look combining two mediums for a ground-shaking look. The new label features a screen printed seismograph with accents of precious gold and an elegant paper label.

Since releasing Earthquake’s revamped look to market, they have received very positive feedback and are hoping to grow their production to 100,000 cases a year!

Wine Bottle Screen Printing for Michael David Winery: Earthquake Wine
Michael David Winery: Earthquake Wine - Screen printed wine bottles

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