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Quintessential Wines: Two Angels

Behind The Bottle

The artwork for the Two Angels was inspired by Jacob de Backer’s artwork that dates back to 1591. The theme of the piece is the hilarity of inebriation and the trauma of the morning after. Excessive joy must be countered by equally excessive sorrow with penitential atonement for pleasure. An allegorical warning to drink sparingly or “suffer the consequences.”


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Design Details

Family produced, the cherubs represent two brothers, the children of the family behind the Two Angels label. Both the Sauvignon Blanc and Petite Syrah have been produced for almost two decades. We were tasked with refreshing their paper label without compromising the meaning behind the label. We needed to come up with a design that would not only work for two varietals, but vastly different overall looks. The Sauvignon Blanc would be a tall, flint, Bordeaux shaped bottle. The Petite Syrah would be a traditional Burgundy shaped bottle, antique green in color. Bergin’s Art Director, Eric Sabee, redrew both cherubs to make them screen print friendly while creating a new cloudscape that is framing the angels. Knowing these labels would be sold in Bevmo!, making sure their shelf-presence was up to par was a focus area for us when thinking about overall design concept and color selection.

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