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McClean Vineyards

Behind The Bottle

The owner of McClean Vineyards fell in love with screen printing allowing it to play an integral role in his success. It’s not often screen printing makes it into the storytelling of a wine but in this case, it has everything to do with McClean’s story.

When working with a complicated design, the goal is to make it production friendly while not sacrificing the client’s vision. Bergin and McClean worked closely together on all design details of these labels pushing the envelope with each and every package produced.


  • Screen Printing

Design Details

“Through the process of screen printing and soul searching, McClean discovered a way to merge his love of art and good wine. And once he started his journey, he never looked back. Every bottle has a story to tell inside and outside. We pour craftsmanship and passion into every bottle, so that those sharing a bottle can connect in the way that matters most. We believe wine is an experience and we’ve designed our bottles to express that.” – McClean Vineyards

McClean Vineyards: Glass Bottle Screen Printing
Glass Bottle Screen Printing for Mcclean Vineyards
Wine bottle screen printing for Mcclean Vineyards

Let’s Get Technical

Labels Clemence and Simone both feature neck printing treatments. Both McClean’s quantities and selection of a neck-print friendly bottle allowed this decoration to be possible. One Last Syrah showcases both neck and shoulder printing. Burgundy-shaped bottles lend themselves well to shoulder decoration. Their often gradually sloped shoulders make it easy for the screens and machines to find a printable surface. This is harder to achieve in traditional Bordeaux-shaped bottles as the shoulder of the bottle tends to be way more angled, making it difficult to find a printable surface.

The LOVE bottle has a lot of colors, seven to be exact. This was challenging for screen print, specifically for color registration and lining up the colors to get clean lines when laying down one color to the next. In the spirit of making the design production-friendly, we added a black border around the letters to cover up any misalignment of colors.

McClean Vineyards: Cost of screen printing bottles
Screen Printing for Glass Bottles: McClean Vineyards

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