More Possibility, More Flexibility.

Screen printed wine bottles (known as ACL – applied color labeling) is a process by which ceramic paint is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and fired through a Lehr furnace. After firing at temperatures up to 1180° F the label design is permanently fused to the glass. We can wrap 360 degrees around the bottle and push design limitations experienced with traditional paper labeling.

Advantages Include:

  • Permanent adhesion
  • No bubbling, wrinkling or torn label corners
  • Scuff proof/Waterproof/Cellar proof
  • No application issues at bottling
  • 360° design surface

Our Italian machines can print up to nine colors, including precious metals such as gold, platinum, and copper. On print runs from 100 cases to 25,000 cases, direct screen-printing is cost competitive with all other labeling applications.