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Bogle Vineyards: Phantom Wine

Behind The Bottle

Bogle Vineyards, along with their glass supplier and design team, met with Bergin in 2018 to refresh their Phantom Chardonnay package. Their goal was to reach and engage new consumers with a visually stunning and impactful label. The original focus was the Chardonnay but quickly carried over to the Phantom Red Blend. The transition to screen print has been wildly successful for both labels, it’s now impossible to miss them on the shelves.


  • Screen Printing


Design Details

Auston Design Group, along with San Francisco-based tech company Tactic, worked together to redesign the Phantom Chardonnay package. Phantom’s original paper label has been replaced with a screen-printed label depicting a haunted vineyard that is blanketed in a ghostly golden fog. The haunting feel to this label is no coincidence as it pays homage to the Bogle family name, which means “ghost” in Scottish.

The design wraps around the bottle and is accentuated with an elegant, 22-karat gold Phantom logo. The design is a half wrap fog gradient with feathered edges to portray slow fog creeping in through the vineyard. Why is this tricky? The focal element of this design is negative bottle surface and achieving gradients in screen print consistently is extremely difficult to do! A fog texture was created and placed behind the vines as a design and technical element to mask inconsistencies that are unavoidable in the gradient. Finding that perfect balance between color, opacity, screen mesh, and a strong client/vendor relationship is what allowed for this package to be successful.

Bogle Vineyards: Phantom Wine - Wine bottle screen dressing
Bogle Vineyards: Phantom Wine - screen dressing for wine bottles

Let’s Get Technical

In the wine and spirits industry, Augmented Reality (AR) has become a new way to engage consumers allowing them to experience more than the wine itself. While AR is already a growing trend in the world of packaging, this marks the first time that the screen-printed glass decoration world and the Augmented Reality world have come together.

Tactic helped Bogle Vineyards produce an AR Label app to coincide with their new release. By viewing the bottle in the app with your device’s camera, the imagery of the bottle is set into motion. Vines begin to grow and crawl, and a shadowy figure slowly emerges, making for a vividly haunting experience of the Phantom that is truly mesmerizing.

screen dressing for wine bottles for Bogle Vineyards: Phantom Wine
Wine bottle screen dressing for Bogle Vineyards: Phantom Wine

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