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Behind The Bottle

Where collectible wine and collectible art come together. Amuse Bouche releases a new vintage and label for their Napa Valley Red Wine annually. The beauty of their labels stems from original artwork created by different artists each year. All oil paintings from prominent artists of our time.


  • Etching
  • Dressing


  • Artist: Fran├žoise Gilot

Design Details

So how do we recreate their artwork? Very carefully! In this case, we physically received the oil painting and our Production Artist (Benny Medina) first reconstructed and then redrew the art into etchable artwork. Carefully capturing every detail, down to each brush stroke in the original painting. This process alone took 10 hours from start to finish. Our Production Artist worked closely with our painters to figure out which elements needed to be raised, etched in, or double blasted, and which were just bottle surface.

We have been partners in decoration since 2005, and always look forward to the next piece of art entering our studio. You can view almost the entire Amuse Bouche series in our showroom.

Screen Dressing for Amuse Bouche
Screen Etching & Dressing for Amuse Bouche
Wine Bottle Decorating for Amuse Bouche

Project Showcase

Timeless work
that speaks
for itself.
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