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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the difference between etching and screen printing?

Etching is the process of hand engraving or carving glass via sandblasting, followed by hand painting. Screen printing requires specialty print machines specifically designed to handle bottles. When screen printing, thermal-plastic inks are applied via squeegee and screens before being fired in a high temperature Lehr for at least 2-3 hours to permanently fuse paint to the glass.

Do you only screen print and etch labels on wine bottles?

No, we also work on glass containers for beer and spirits, gourmet food products, olive oil, cannabis, and water bottles.

What is your lead time?

In both screen printing and etching, a typical lead time is 3-4 months (from initial contact). Our process starts with artwork development, followed by pre-production sampling through complete production run. This timeline can fluctuate based on overall quantity of bottles and/or complexity of a project.

Do you have required minimums?

Screen print: 250 (12 pack) cases for 200ml – 750ml in size, single varietal. Screen printed large formats (1.5L and 3L): for large formats we reference bottles instead of cases when determining quantities. We require a minimum of 120 bottles for 1.5Ls and 3Ls. Please be aware that the number of colors allowed could change our minimum requirements. Etching: we have no minimums in custom etching. Dressing: we have no minimums required for dressing and fulfillment.

Will you screen print less than stated minimums?

Yes, but ONLY in the months of September and October.

Can we tour the facility?

Yes! We would love to have you in. Appointments are required. You can tour both screen printing and etching, as well as our showroom.

Are you a bonded facility?

No, but we can receive full shiners Tax Paid.

Can you recycle screen printed and etched bottles?

Screen printed bottles are 100% recyclable. The paint gets melted down with and into the glass when being repurposed. Etched bottles are 100% recyclable after the paint has been removed which can very easily be stripped off the bottle with water and pressure. Screen printed and etched bottles are also perfect for upcycling; you can repurpose them for candles, water bottles or vases. We have even seen them turned into chandeliers!

What is your approach to sustainability?

We partner with vendors who participate in sustainable practices to ensure we are actively mindful of our carbon footprint as a company. The minimal waste generated by our production operation is almost 100% recyclable. We recycle pallet wrap, damaged boxes, and glass containers, as well as recycle or reuse wooden pallets. If we experience a quality control issue (misprint), paint is hand scraped from the un-fired ware and re-printed. In the rare case of a misprinted run that has already gone through the Lehr, the entirety of the product, glass, & cardboard case, is recycled.

What CAN you screen print?

GLASS bottles and other cylindrical glass vessels typically intended to contain liquid.

What CAN’T you screen print?

Apparel, decanters, metal, plastic, wood, wine stems, and glassware.
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Screen Printing Etching Dressing

Daou Family Estates

Behind The Bottle

Bergin and DAOU have been partners in decoration for over a decade. Originally starting with large format etching for most of their wine labels (3L in size up to 27L), in the last five years screen printing has been introduced into their packaging solutions as well. Today, Bergin screen prints and etches over 20 labels for the DAOU Family each year.

The DAOU Family Estates’ portfolio has continued to grow at an exponential rate over the past five years, even more so in the last three. DAOU brothers, Georges and Daniel, have set out to produce California First Growth Cabernet Sauvignons and become the Central Coast’s ambassador of Bordeaux varieties. Their efforts have given the Paso Robles wine region a well deserved recognition on a global stage.

While all of their 750ml packaging (with the exception of the DAOU Discovery Rosé) remain paper labels, almost all labels in their portfolio have screen printed 1.5Ls and etched 3L-27L counterparts. The Rosé was the first time screen print labeling was introduced for a 750ml size and it has been wildly successful since being released to the market two years ago. In addition to a great flavor profile, we like to think the packaging and bottle have something to do with that success!


  • Screen Printing
  • Etching
  • Dressing


Design Details

The Discovery Rosé has major shelf appeal thanks to its bottle, the Pompadour. Glass supplier, Saverglass credits the Pompadour as being “a precious, refined and feminine bottle. Its rounded, statuesque body and long slender neck convey true nobility to this model.” Combine the soft peach-pink hue of the wine with its label design and you have an award-winning combination.

With concept and design created by Kraftwerk Design in San Luis Obispo, Bergin worked alongside the team to bring this concept to reality. While it may only be one color, it pushes several screen printing boundaries. Both neck and shoulder decoration are featured in this package. Although the soft interlacing swirls are elegant in appearance, warping them for that particular bottle shape took a few samples before getting the artwork perfectly placed for the production run. This design would be carried over into three large format iterations. 1.5L and 3Ls have been screen printed using Saverglass’ Maxima mold. 6Ls have been etched in a rare flint Bordeaux shaped bottle called the ‘Tortuga’ provided by Berlin Packaging.

Screen Printing and dressing for Daou Rose: Family Estates
Wine bottle decorators for Daou Rose

Project Showcase

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